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Invest in creativity, hard work and imagination.


I paint, if you like it, you can buy it.


Hugo Smith





Who's Hugo?

Vision - To produce paintings that customers value as part of their home, creating demand that out strips my ability to produce.


Mission - To enhance the lives of our customers through the creation of art that adds colour to their homes.  To inspire future generations to continue to create value through hard work and imagination.


Hugo Smith is not my real name.  It's not even a nickname.  A few friends and relatives know that I paint, but I don't publicise the fact too much.  I'm not trying to be Banksy, but I want my work to stand on its own.  I am from outside of the art scene, not part of the establishment.  


I went to a school with limited artisitic flair, and little time for creativity.  I suppose you could say I am self taught, but its probably fair to say that we can learn something new everyday if we allow ourselves too.


Everyday is a learning day!


I paint.  I don't categorise myself as an artist.  I am a painter.  I paint to make myself feel better.  It's better than a pill.  


So, please dont be expecting any nuanced explanation of my work or any art critic type lingo.  This is the type of paintings I hang in my own house.  These are the paintings that I have chosen to save from being painted over and started again.  If you like my work, please let me know.  If you don't, then head somewhere else.  The internet is a big old place.


I don't offer prints of my work and I don't do commissions.  I produce the type of paintings I like and make them available for purchase.  They are all unique, one of a kind and 100% original.  If you want them, press the buy now button!  I will make sure it gets to you in perfect condition.


In the era of digital transformation and AI, hang on to humanity through investment in creativity!!



Me at work in my studio

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