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Blog - Hugs from Hugo!

By hugosmithoriginals, Jan 1 2019 04:38PM

Abstraction is the opposite of Artificial Intelligence.

I don't know what is going to happen when faced with a blank canvas. I don't know which paintings will be kept or which ones will be blank out to start again. If I don't know, how will a machine programme itself to match this.

No lessons, no teaching!!! My paintings are a working experiment, and only are finished when I decide I am happy with it. This can't not be replaced by machine.

Masterpieces may be duplicated using algorithms and techniques taught through colleges and universities. Eventually, the machine might replace the portrait artist, and VR may replace performance art and dance.

Abstraction will always exist because it is pure creativity, not representation of anything else that exists in the world.

Abstract 1 v AI 0

Hugs from Hugo

miss you everyday