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New for 2019

By hugosmithoriginals, Dec 21 2018 11:54AM

I am starting the blog again.

This will include my opinion, for what is is worth, on any subject or topical movements. A little bit of politics, a little bit of sport, a little bit of art and a lot of other random nonsense.

If you have any ideas of the content you would like shared, then let me know!

I want to encourage any visitors to this site to create. Invest in yourself! The one certainty of Brexit is that we are going to have instability for a prolonged period of time. The government won't be investing in you anytime soon as they try to unravel the mess we are in. I don't believe Brexit will happen! It won't be allowed, but I'm not waiting about to see what my next step is.

I am doubling my efforts to produce content and products of value. I am going to paint the stuff that I like, I am going to approach galleries I respect, and I am going to focus on encouraging the Belfast art scene to develop into something different. Our history in Belfast, conflict and pain, gives an amazing back drop to develop art that inspires and transforms the city and the people. Belfast is the new New York, Berlin, Paris.

We can do this! Create value, create hope and create faith in human ability through hard work and imagination.

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