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Blog - Hugs from Hugo!


By hugosmithoriginals, Dec 28 2018 01:35PM

I am building on the content and the value offered through the site. I would like to add a few other products. I will always be a painter, that is what I love doing. The other bits i would like to offer are around lifestyle products and travel.

Apparrel - I would like to get some gear out there with my design and logo. Brand awareness and advertising the works while walking along the street. The design will be subtle. There will be no enforced hugging policy in this label. The range will be clean, crisp, and durable.

Travel - I want to offer little pieces of Belfast to people who long for the old country or those that have visited and want to take a piece home with them. I have ideas and prototypes, and I think there is a scalable business idea in there.

I want to get the kids involved. I want them to learn how to turn an idea in to value. I want them to learn more than the text books and old age schooling system offers them. I didn't do great at school. Average at best. The school system is designed to train thinking and behaviours that may not be compatible with the societal changes over the last 20 to 30 years. The system produces students with qualifiactions with little or no prospect of employment. The students then take cross over degrees, at additional cost to transfer their learning from one area to another to give them a actual chance of employment.

I want my kids to go their own way. If they choose college, that is great. If they choose another route, as long as they are happy and are working hard towards something, I will be equally happy.

Let me know what other things you would liek to see on here. Is there interest in video for example.



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