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By hugosmithoriginals, Feb 17 2017 11:37AM

I am in Belfast most days. I suppose it isn't the only city centre to go through transformations. However, not too many have the past that Belfast has. Security checkpoints and searches are a thing of the past. The circle of steel that used to exist around the city centre has been replaced with smart shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, bars and office buildings. I can remember the bus being stopped at the edge of the city to allow a security guard to alight and check for suspicious objects on board. Thankfully for youger generations they have no recollection.

Famous for bombings and riots, the new Belfast is very different. Maybe I am just older now but the kids seem more relaxed and more comfortable around each other. The tribalness seems to be diminishing and acceotance of each other is clear to see.

I am sure it isn't perfect, but a night out in Belfast is now something to look forward to rather than something you try.

I think the history and 'the troubles' give Belfast a uniqueness. Everyone should visit and take in the feel of the place. I know it is my home, but I think it is special and I think it has something for everyone. If we had 200 more days of sunshine it would be even better.

Visit Belfast


By hugosmithoriginals, Feb 17 2017 11:20AM

The new year has started well, and it is time to up the effort to make this the best year yet.

I am working on a clothing range which I hope to launch later this year. original designs, and quality materials will be used to produce fresh, well cut garments.

I have also hit the gym. Time to shape up. Working long hours and a busy home life has resulted in less exercise, poor diet and lack of sleep. I have decided to put this right. The kids havent't realised this yet and early mornings are still a common occurence! Maybe they will catch on.

Moving house. The house is up for sale and we hope to be moving to a new house in the summer. A bit more room, in a village location, near our favourite pub. This is pretty stressful, but it will be worth it. I am looking forward to getting my paintings on the new walls, and making it home.

Then Disney World this summer. Can't wait to get there. he flight will be long but the kids will love it once we get there. We have rented a villa with a group of friends. Looking forward to the pool, the parks and the beers afterwards. It will be great to switch off and relax.

So it is a big year. Time to step up.


By hugosmithoriginals, Jan 30 2017 11:08AM

I am working on a new show, entitled 'Walking amongst the apples'. I hope to show this body of work by the end of the year.

I recently worked with restaurant owners at Souls Restuarant on the Dublin Road in Belfast. Hopefully the paintings are complementing the great food on offer.

I'll keep pressing on, please let me know what you think of the recent additions.

I will posts the dates and venues for the show as the are confirmed.



By hugosmithoriginals, Feb 1 2016 10:04AM

Even though I have issues with how the art world works, I love the Turner Prize, and I still think it would be cool to win it.

I'd love to win it for a painting, not something shocking or provocative. A good painting that everyone can look at and judge whether they like it or not. I don't want to use unusual medium or methods or application. I want to create paintings that the viewer can try to decipher. Where it started, how it was constructed over time, where is the ending.

I think this is the cool piece of art. What makes a blank canvas transform into to something you want to look at, something you want to put into your living space.

No doubt this is being discussed by the great and the good on the judging panel. I won't be expecting my nomination and invite any time soon.

But wouldn't it be nice to see a painting picking up an art prize. Or am I just old fashioned?

By hugosmithoriginals, Feb 1 2016 09:41AM

To create paintings that people want to put on their wall. Paintings that are original and unique but remain accessible.

Create paintings that gets people to stop for a minute. Take time to decide if they like it.

Create paintings for all, all inclusive, everyone can love it or hate it, but it is for everyone.

Paintings, not art.

Create opportunities for others to participate.

miss you everyday