Original Art on Canvas

Hugo Smith


Original Abstract Art


Truly one of a kind art works.  



"Things are beautiful if you love them"

Jean Anouilh


I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.


Georgia O'Keeffe

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I am developing my presence in galleries and I am currently showing in the following spaces:


The Engine Room Gallery (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

The Destiny Gallery (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Harron Gallery (Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland)

The Cornmarket Gallery (Devon, England)

Gallery 1401 (Tennessee, USA)

Global Art League 2013 Exhibition (Montreal, Canada)


I am based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I wouldn't be anywhere else.  This is where I am from, where my family and friends are.  Northern Ireland has a difficult history and the potential for a better future.


I paint from whats around me, my memories and my hope for the future.  I think Belfast gives the same inspiration, committment, humour, guts, faith, regret and shame as many of the art power houses of the world.  I dont think any other place on earth can claim to be more complicated or special.  You should visit for yourself and see what I am referring too.  


Where you live and what you live through makes you who you are.  Our experiences are only true to us and nobody knows how you feel.  


I think all artists think too much.  Its important that this makes its way on to the canvas.  I dont try to reproduce images or memories, I try to decipher them and try to make sense so that I grow.


I hope you like the work, I will update as much as possible.  Thanks for looking in.